Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Tips from Workshop Instructors Elisa Monte and Shannon Gillen

Next week July 8-12, 2013, we've got two great workshops lined up, including Modern Technique with Elisa Monte Dance (11:30am-1pm) and Contemporary Movement with Shannon Gillen (4-6pm).

Learn more about the workshops, and the artist instructors!
Elisa Monte

Elisa Monte Dance (EMD) was founded in 1981, and for each new work Artistic Director Elisa Monte creates entirely new and unique works. We asked what is the greatest challenge in her creative process and how to stay creative.

"The greatest challenge is accessing the essential in oneself. When is the moment one is creating most alive? Having the life force energy available and flowing, being present and not self- conscious. Creating an authentic moment.

Keeping those juices flowing is a constant effort, it's like staying in shape for living life. Every moment one chooses adds up to who and what you are. You become what you spend your time doing, so make choices, don't let everyday life just push you mindlessly in an undefined direction."

Register and draw upon Elisa's expansive range of movement in this workshop. You definitely want to catch her before she vacations to Crete, and several other beaches this summer!

by Joanna McClure for Brooklyn Magazine
Shannon Gillen
Shannon Gillen is a new faculty member at Peridance. The workshop, uncovering techniques from her company Shannon Gillen + Guests (SGG), will have you working up a sweat! We asked Shannon about her daily practice of care, and here's her advice.

"Conditioning is an essential and core part of my classes and daily practice. It goes beyond alignment training and core stabilization into aerobic/ athletic territory that is missing from most dancers' experience. Too many of us get winded far, far too soon when we dance. This comes from a lack of efficiency and from inadequate cardiovascular exercise. It also stems from the inability to properly utilize momentum. Too often, technique inhibits personal velocity and keeps the dancer from engaging in the flow of a phrase. It's surprising how much bigger and more vital the body can be when it is truly free to move. Technique needs to be accessed in motion, not in stasis. This makes it important that we investigate how to call upon our resources not out of neutral conditions, but rather from the dynamic moment. What are the habits that conflict with this practice?…Chances are that by addressing these, dancers will find they can take greater risks in their dancing."

Sign up for Shannon's workshop and give yourself a little push this summer, and stay tuned in November when her dance company SGG presents a new work for Peridance's inaugural year of presenting.

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