Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Peridance Welcomes our New International Students!

Please help us welcome the
New International Students
to the Peridance Family!

Clockwise from Top Left:

Yohei "Yoo" Kobayashi (Open Program)
From: Tokyo, Japan
Favorite food: Chinese food
Wants to visit: the Bronx
Favorite Artist: Snoop Dogg

Chieri Matsuda (Certificate Program)
From: Okinawa, Japan
Favorite food: Japanese food
Wants to see: Shows on Broadway
Favorite Artist: Polina Semionova 

Sabine Villatore (Open Program)
From: Curitiba, Brazil
Favorite food: Vegetarian food
Wants to see: museums and shows
Favorite Artist: Denise Stoklos

Ela Madej (Open Program)
From: Krakow, Poland
Favorite food: Thai Pumpkin Curry
Wants to visit: Central Park (and all other parks)
Favorite Artists: Michael Jackson and John Lennon

Yoshihisa Higuchi (Certificate Program)
From: Kawasaki, Japan
Favorite food: Japanese food (of course!)
Wants to visit: Statue of Liberty
Favorite Artist: Attila Joey Csiki

Laureta Gjata (Open Program)
From:  Attica, Greece
Favorite food: Sushi
Wants to see: a Broadway show
Favorite Artist: Coco Chanel

Bottom row:

Mikki Shoji (Open Program)
From: Gunma, japan
Favorite food: Pasta
Wants to visit: museums
Favorite Artist: Pina Bausch

Xiaqing Yang (Open Program)
From: Kaili, PR of China
Favorite food: Noodles
Wants to visit: Boston

Aabshaar Wakhloo (Open Program)
From: New Dehli, India
Favorite food: Eggs Benedict/Italian food
Wants to visit: Long Island beaches and Brooklyn Museum
Favorite Artists: Prince and Impressionists

Vladyslava Korolova (Open Program)
From: Dublin, Ireland
Favorite food: Indian and Italian
Wants to visit: 9/11 Memorial
Favorite Artist: Claude Monet