Friday, June 28, 2013

NYC Dance Week feat. Jazz & More! Meet Faculty Shelly Hutchinson

"These last couple of years, what's inspired me most as a choreographer and instructor, are classic comeback stories and the human spirit. These tales of tenacity and resilience consistently renew my creativity." - Shelly Hutchinson

Shelly and son, who's already learning to dance ;)

With her 18-month old son in her lap and students from Wednesday's Adult Beginner Jazz class exiting the room and showering her with compliments on a fun learning experience, Shelly Hutchinson is an energetic artist who clearly has also mastered the art of multitasking. Shelly teaches Jazz at Peridance, and is one of the all-encompassing dance studio's roster of talented faculty.

"I began choreographing when I was four years old!" she beamed, trying to put into words how important dance is to her. Shelly explained how she loves teaching beginner's classes and instilling students with the basics and fundamentals of movement. It was almost as if it was her way of bringing sunshine into the world, "I just love putting that out there!" Shelly said.

When considering which dance class is right for you, she advised, "You can never go wrong with a basic or slower-paced class. Though, at the same time, you shouldn't be afraid to push yourself to the next level."

Not only has Shelly pushed herself to new heights, she's working hard to mold, shape and mentor young dancers. Her workshops "Uncovered Choreographers" aims at helping 13-25 year-old dancers discover their unique artistic voices and choreographic styles. The program is also open to established professionals and offers to help them channel and reconnect to "sources of creativity," she adds.

As we wrapped up our brief conversation, Shelly insisted, "The best teacher is the best student." So whether barely beginning or very advanced, the classroom is productive place for all!

Interested in trying a new style? Peridance has several to choose from, see our NYC Dance Week promotions to get started.

We have two more free classes today, Friday June 28th!

Advanced Beginner Ballet with Jamie Salmon 5:30-7:00pm
Open Zumba Workshop with Sifa 6:30-8:00pm

Be sure to register to take advantage of the NYC Dance Week offer:

Interview by Judi Huck

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