Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four Things You Should Know When Auditioning for PCDC

This August 26-30th Peridance Contemporary Dance Company seeks new male and female dancers to join the Company through their Workshop & Audition. Hear from Artistic Director Igal Perry on what it takes to succeed and more...

On Success

In order to be a really successful performer — dancers need to demonstrate good communication skills, tolerance, good manners, respect and charisma. This is particularly important during auditions and the hiring process. In addition, when hired for a professional Company, dancers tend to stop training, which affects their physical as well as emotional ability to deal with the high demands and stress of being a professional dancer. The best dancers I know train until the very last days of their professional careers. Read more.


My philosophy is to train dancers to be wholesome, so that they can do everything, including tap, including hip hop—forms that give you different approaches to movement. Read more.


My works are very different depending on the music, and I enjoy the challenge of exploring these different ways. I enjoy working with dancers, whom I see as part of the process, and I enjoy discovering things through the choreography. Read more.


I found that in order for [dancers from different cultures] to interpret my work fully, I had to insist on them finding their own individual voices within the work.  This process has also made me reflect upon my work with dancers here in the States who often face the opposite challenge....(cont.

Don't miss the chance to work with world-renowned choreographer Igal Perry, register for the Workshop & Audition today!

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