Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Four Things You Should Know When Auditioning for PCDC

This August 26-30th Peridance Contemporary Dance Company seeks new male and female dancers to join the Company through their Workshop & Audition. Hear from Artistic Director Igal Perry on what it takes to succeed and more...

On Success

In order to be a really successful performer — dancers need to demonstrate good communication skills, tolerance, good manners, respect and charisma. This is particularly important during auditions and the hiring process. In addition, when hired for a professional Company, dancers tend to stop training, which affects their physical as well as emotional ability to deal with the high demands and stress of being a professional dancer. The best dancers I know train until the very last days of their professional careers. Read more.


My philosophy is to train dancers to be wholesome, so that they can do everything, including tap, including hip hop—forms that give you different approaches to movement. Read more.


My works are very different depending on the music, and I enjoy the challenge of exploring these different ways. I enjoy working with dancers, whom I see as part of the process, and I enjoy discovering things through the choreography. Read more.


I found that in order for [dancers from different cultures] to interpret my work fully, I had to insist on them finding their own individual voices within the work.  This process has also made me reflect upon my work with dancers here in the States who often face the opposite challenge....(cont.

Don't miss the chance to work with world-renowned choreographer Igal Perry, register for the Workshop & Audition today!

25+ Beginner Classes to Break Into Dance

Peridance is home to all genres of dance and all levels of dancers. Our most popular level is for Adult Beginners, check out the Open Classes for newbies below!


Beginner Jazz with Shelly Hutchinson 9-10:30am
Beginner Tap with Vanessa Martínez de Baños 11am-12pm
Beginner Joneeba African with Djoniba 7:30-9pm
Beginner Ballet with Jose Traba 8-9:30pm
Beginner Tap with Tony Mayes 7:15-8:15pm

Beginner Ballet with Kathryn Sullivan 8:45-10am
Beginner Hip Hop with Nobuya Nagahama 9-10:30pm
Beginner Tap with Karin Rendelman 11:30am-12:30pm
Beginner Salsa with BAILA Society 7-8:30pm

Beginner Jazz with Shelly Hutchinson 9-10:30am
Beginner Tap with Aaron Tolson 1-2:30pm
Beginner Joneeba African with Djoniba 7:30-9pm
Beginner Ballet with Jose Traba 8-9:30pm

Beginner Ballet with Kathryn Sullivan 8:45-10am
Beginner Modern with Saba 4:30-6pm
Beginner Tap with Tony Mayes 7:30-8:30pm
Beginner Hip Hop with Nobuya Nagahama 9-10:30pm

Beginner Tap with Vanessa Martínez de Baños 11am-12pm
Beginner Popping with Tweetboogie 1-2:30pm
Beginner Joneeba African with Djoniba 7:30-9pm

Beginner Ballet with Jose Traba 6-7:30pm
Beginner Joneeba African with Djoniba 2-3:30pm
Beginner Tap with Karin Rendelman 3-4pm

Beginner Limón Technique with Becky Brown 11:30am-1pm
Beginner Ballet with Peter Schabel 1-2:30pm
Beginner Modern with Saba 1-2:30pm

We also offer various workshops for Adult Beginners, find out more and see the complete class schedule on our website!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Faculty Newsflash: Summer 2013

Peridance faculty has been busy this summer!

Tracie Stanfield's company, Synthesis Dance Project, will be performing as featured artists in the Booking Dance Festival in Scotland August 14 - 18. Earlier this summer the company performed in Bryant Park. Wish them luck abroad, and catch them at the Salvator Capezio Theater before they leave!

Brice Mousset has a pipeline of projects for his company Oui Danse, such as dance installations in the Hamptons this August. Currently, he is rehearsing for the Summer Faculty Showcase at Peridance's Salvatore Capezio Theater --save the dates this August 17-18th.

Jose Traba  successfully started a Beginner Workshop at Peridance with a very enthusiastic group, going on now through Mid-August.  In addition, he was invited to teach the company class for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and Master Classes for private schools in the tristate area.

Graciela Kozak was in Mexico for two weeks teaching Ballet at the Flamenco Festival of Iberica Contemporanea, where she met current-day stars of Flamenco, as well as several world-famous Flamenco guitar players. This August Graciela will be part of The Ailey Experience workshop.

Meet more of Peridance's esteemed faculty on our website, and hope to see you in class or at the Showcase!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hail & Farewell: Raegan Wood, International Advisor

Congratulations Raegan Wood!
Peridance Capezio Center's International Advisor
on the cover of...
DanceTeacher Magazine

March 2012 issue of DanceTeacher Magazine honored Raegan Wood's
excellence in children's dance education.  

For two years Raegan Wood worked with hundreds of Peridance Capezio Center's diverse group of international students.  For 25 years, she taught dance in the tri-state area and throughout the nation -- in private studios, K-12 public and private schools, preparatory, and community centers, as well as numerous colleges and universities including Barnard, Rutgers University and Juilliard.

Since birth, when her mother went into labor while teaching a class in Graham technique (both parents were dancers), Raegan has been driven to dance.  She was a soloist in the Paul Taylor Dance Company (1982-1989), and after completing her Masters at Temple University she approached Paul Taylor about starting a Youth Program at The Taylor School.

This summer, Raegan now goes on to new adventures at The Taylor School, though her impact and presence at Peridance will be missed and truly felt.

Interested in applying to the International Student Program at Peridance? Learn more about our 3-Step Process.

Read DanceTeacher Magazine's full story on Raegan Wood and see a video of her teaching!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company Goes to Italy and Israel

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company (PCDC), under the Artistic Direction of Igal Perry together with Executive Director Yarden Ronen, is excited to continue its nearly three decade-long dedication to creating and performing powerful dance that inspires audiences nationally and internationally. This summer, PCDC will captivate audiences in Italy and Israel with a multi-city tour of "Infinity" and other works July 13-25, 2013.

International Tour Repertory

Inspired by the striking images of rural landscapes, frequent in Salvador Dali’s paintings, Igal Perry’s new creation “Infinity” is set to the famous Adagio movement of Beethoven’s “Sonata Hammerklavier”. The work, which depicts the delicate vulnerability of the human image against a background of vast, open spaces, derives its style and timbre from the music’s sustained and often haunting passages.

Altered color balance Dali painting; PCDC performing Perry's "Infinity"
Excerpts from Perry's beautiful “Twilight” are classical in style, where both partnering and movement sequences venture into a realm of deep, expansive movement, ranging in energy from soft and sustained to unexpected, sharp and fast paced sequences.

In addition to the latest repertory and repertory favorites by Igal Perry, the Company will perform works by Ohad Naharin and New-York-based choreographers Dwight Rhoden and Sidra Bell. PCDC’s moving excerpted duet by the Batsheva Dance Company Artistic Director Ohad Naharin is from the work “Mabul” (1992) and a gift to Peridance in memory of Mari Kajiwara.

"Mabul" duet
Complexions Contemporary Ballet choreographer and co-artistic director Dwight Rhoden’s new piece for the Company embodies his unique and dynamic style. This new work, "Evermore," reflects Rhoden and Igal Perry’s long-standing collaboration which has included an exchange of creations on both companies.

Scene from "Evermore"
Follow PCDC's International Tour, or see the Company for yourself!

Save the date for the Company's Workshop and Audition August 26-30th.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company's Leigh Lijoi

by Thomas Palmer

Meet Leigh Lijoi

Member of Peridance Contemporary Dance Company, lover of parks and chocolate

What is your first memory of performing?
My first memory of performing was my first dance recital at the age of 5.  I was terrified to go on stage and cried the entire day leading up to the performance.  I was a really shy kid growing up (until I got to know you), so the thought of going on stage in front of a lot of strangers was terrifying.  My parents were really supportive and encouraged me to do this one performance so that I didn't let the other girls in the class down.  Needless to say, once I got on stage, I had so much fun and didn't want the performance to end.  I stopped crying immediately, and from that day on, I was set on being a dancer.

What is your favorite snack?
Chocolate. No question. A little piece of dark chocolate makes the day so much better.

What song is most played on your iPod?
Picking just one song is hard because my iPod gets so much use, but currently I've returned to listening to a lot of my favorites: Iron and Wine, Postal Service, James Vincent McMorrow, Ray LaMontagne, Dave Matthews...and the list goes on.

Where do you go/what do you do in New York when you have a day off?
If the weather is nice, I love to get lost in Central Park.  There is no better escape from the craziness of the city then being right in the middle of it surrounded by so much peace.  I also really love spending time walking along the water, reading a good book, or taking some time to journal. Otherwise, if I find myself with some extra time in my day, I like to put my head phones in and just walk to wherever I need to go, no matter how far it is.  There is something really interesting about being closed off in my own world with my headphones and a good song, while also being able to see and experience so much around me.

Do you have any quotes/ words that you live by?
"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away."

"Everything happens for a reason."- I've learned that sometimes the opportunities that present themselves in life may not always be what I think MY ideal is at the time, but end up being exactly what I need to be doing and where I need to be spending my time.  I think the key for me is remembering to be open and receptive to what comes my way.

What is your favorite thing about PCDC?
I love that each dancer in the company brings their own personality and style of dance.  No two dancers are alike, and I think that creates a really unique experience in the studio.  The creativity is present, the love for dance is abundant, and most importantly, we all have fun spending time together and creating new work.

What are you most excited for with PCDC this summer?
We are all so excited to be leaving for Italy and Israel this weekend! The opportunity to dance as a part of these festivals while representing PCDC is truly an honor. 

See the full PCDC summer schedule!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Meet Maddie McPhail PCDC Member

It's exactly 10 days until Peridance Contemporary Dance Company goes on International Tour (Italy & Israel July 13-25). Meet one of the lovely lady PCDC members:

Maddie McPhail

List of favorite things:
-Rock n Roll
-Old movies
-Childhood memories
-Water sports
-The cold side of the pillow
-Laying in bed during thunderstorms
-Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have so much more time to sleep.

First memory performing:
I must have been 5 or 6. I was a little sugarplum in Oregon Ballet's Nutcracker. My group went on stage and some of my peers weren't in their correct spots so I bossed them all around on stage. I'm glad people thought it was cute because looking back on it I'm super embarrassed and feel really bad.

Favorite snack:
Bananas with peanut butter

What is the song most played on your iPod?
I don't think I have one most played song- most played artist would probably be Led Zepplin though. Then Guns N Roses and Van Halen.

Where do you go/what do you do in New York when you have the day off?
When the weather is nice, I absolutely love being by the water. You can spend years walking around the city and never see all there is to see, so I like to go exploring. I like going to weird places, quiet little cafes, jazz clubs, etc.

Do you have any quotes/words that you live by?
"People will kill you over time, and how they'll kill you is with tiny, harmless phrases, like: "be realistic.""

"The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life."

"Wherever and whenever you go, leave a gift."

What is your favorite thing about PCDC?
My favorite thing about the company is the true sense of family we have with each other. Coming into the studio everyday, having to be so raw and vulnerable, you get the chance to really see who those people are. Sharing such a deep passion for the same thing and getting to do it amongst these incredible people, you create a bond. I have so much love and respect for each of them and I'll be forever grateful and humbled by them.

What are you most excited for with PCDC this summer?
The tour to Italy and Israel, of course! Firstly, I've never been to either place so that's very exciting. I also can't wait to perform in new venues, with new people and new experiences.

For Tour Highlights & Ticket Information, visit the Peridance Contemporary Dance Company event on Facebook.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Quick Tips from Workshop Instructors Elisa Monte and Shannon Gillen

Next week July 8-12, 2013, we've got two great workshops lined up, including Modern Technique with Elisa Monte Dance (11:30am-1pm) and Contemporary Movement with Shannon Gillen (4-6pm).

Learn more about the workshops, and the artist instructors!
Elisa Monte

Elisa Monte Dance (EMD) was founded in 1981, and for each new work Artistic Director Elisa Monte creates entirely new and unique works. We asked what is the greatest challenge in her creative process and how to stay creative.

"The greatest challenge is accessing the essential in oneself. When is the moment one is creating most alive? Having the life force energy available and flowing, being present and not self- conscious. Creating an authentic moment.

Keeping those juices flowing is a constant effort, it's like staying in shape for living life. Every moment one chooses adds up to who and what you are. You become what you spend your time doing, so make choices, don't let everyday life just push you mindlessly in an undefined direction."

Register and draw upon Elisa's expansive range of movement in this workshop. You definitely want to catch her before she vacations to Crete, and several other beaches this summer!

by Joanna McClure for Brooklyn Magazine
Shannon Gillen
Shannon Gillen is a new faculty member at Peridance. The workshop, uncovering techniques from her company Shannon Gillen + Guests (SGG), will have you working up a sweat! We asked Shannon about her daily practice of care, and here's her advice.

"Conditioning is an essential and core part of my classes and daily practice. It goes beyond alignment training and core stabilization into aerobic/ athletic territory that is missing from most dancers' experience. Too many of us get winded far, far too soon when we dance. This comes from a lack of efficiency and from inadequate cardiovascular exercise. It also stems from the inability to properly utilize momentum. Too often, technique inhibits personal velocity and keeps the dancer from engaging in the flow of a phrase. It's surprising how much bigger and more vital the body can be when it is truly free to move. Technique needs to be accessed in motion, not in stasis. This makes it important that we investigate how to call upon our resources not out of neutral conditions, but rather from the dynamic moment. What are the habits that conflict with this practice?…Chances are that by addressing these, dancers will find they can take greater risks in their dancing."

Sign up for Shannon's workshop and give yourself a little push this summer, and stay tuned in November when her dance company SGG presents a new work for Peridance's inaugural year of presenting.

See the full list of Peridance Summer Workshops for 2013.