Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday's: Who We're Into

by: Jillian Greenberg

A list of artists we feel are making waves. Some are old, and some are new, but performers, visual artists, musical, or not - these young ladies and gentlemen are turning our heads, and making us think:

Jonah Bokaer (movement artist)

Three years ago I watched Jonah Bokaer begin and stop in an never ending movement series at The Guggenheim Museum, called On Vanishing. Inspired by artist Lee Ufan work Marking Infinity. I am still stunned by his work and his points of inspiration. As an audience member at the time I found his work was unlike anything I had ever been exposed to. As time has passed I have been following his developments in movement, thought, and art. This man allows all influences of architecture,  visual art, and auditory art resonant and echo through his body. His collaboration with outside sources creates an environment of unreplicated art.

605 Collective (dance company)

605 Collective based in Vancouver Canada is pushing boundaries of contemporary dance in all senses of the words. Their performing artist are highly physical and exude abilities beyond the humanly form. The company itself uses a highly collaborative process not just moving with one brain and one idea but melding the brilliance of multiple artist creating a uninhibited and unpredictable product.

Jonathan Royse Windham (dancer/choreographer)
Its undisputable this man is truly gifted. Best known for his work with Gallim Dance he has also worked on his own to choreograph and create. A man of many talents. Jonathan Royse Windham performs in a state of release. He leaves nothing hidden, his soul, heart, and body is laid before the audience for all to fall for his bare being.

Ido Portal (movement artist)
Ido is an advocate for movement and healthy living, He views life in a beautiful way of inspiration. He pushes himself to train for no one but himself, he works to improve everyday, not as a mover but as a person. He turns life into an inspiration instead of waiting for life itself to inspire. He never wastes a day or a movement. To me he is the face the voice and the life of dedication and persistence.

Yin Yue (moving artist)
I have just discovered the power of this woman! A brilliant artist connecting the mind to the body, she is pushing movement to new places. It seems as though she herself flourishes in each of her dancers and in a way she can create in such a way to bountifully let each dancer continue to maintain their own voice. As I watch her choreography my skin crawls and my eyes open wide. I am awed by her ideas with movement both simple and complex combining them in such a way to make all of her ideas so intriguing and fresh.

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