Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Wednesday's: Who We're Into

 by: Jillian Greenberg

A list of artists we feel are making waves. Some are old, and some are new, but performers, visual artists, musical, or not - these young ladies and gentlemen are turning our heads, and making us think:

Yves Saint Laurent (fashion designer)
Fashion is frequently overlooked in the performing arts field. But it is the combination of dance, architecture, and visual art. Yves Saint Laurent crafts not just clothing but art. Gowns, suits, skirts don’t just lie on a women’s body but create a wistful sculpture; he masterfully creates individual personalities into garments. Models are transformed from women into moving art pieces when his garments are adorned. I am inspired and curious about his visions the colors, their sculpture, and their mood. He envisions women as canvases for stifling elegance and power, which echo’s the importance of woman.

Kendrick Lamar
A man with a passion, he is not in his art for the fame or fortune but he feels as though its something he needs to release.

“Anybody can rap. But there are few who have a special gift from God. I feel like I have it. When people ask me how do I come up with these things, I tell them it’s beyond me.”

“I used to say that to myself. Like with Section.80. [A pervious released album] I was like, I have to come up with an album now!? It not only exceeded the expectations of other people, but mine as well.”

MABBOT, Maureen Cobb (poet)
Maureen Cobb, who writes under the alias of MABBOT, is not known by many but is a brilliant poet. She writes with the most skillful manor of nature. I am in awe of her connection to the Earth and her being as one. She lives and breathes through words stringing them together into sensations.  Check out the book A Gravely Imagined Center.

Beyoncé Knowles
The Queen B. is there more to say. She has transformed the face of beauty, power, and strength for women. She has taken her talent and become so much more. An inspiration to me but also a role model, she strives for something within her art. Continually pushing her vocals, pushing her artistry not just creating top hits but making glorified albums now using film, art, architecture in the sense of fashion, dance, and acting in her work.

(Dance Company)
Man-cing. These men are working together to create full works; each element they add fills a gap. I am shaken, intrigued, and floored by their physicality and artistry.

Wim Vandekeybus
‘I like to challenge my obsessions by imposing new rules on them,’ he says. The easy way is never an option: ‘I like things difficult, so as to be able to enjoy it afterwards and to be able to say that it was all worthwhile.’ –Wim Vandekeybus

Best known for his work on the movie ‘Pina’ I am floored by this man’s risks in art, he drives his film and choreography beyond what we have seen. He is an explorer of art. I am particularly intrigued by his work Blush he taps into something so tribal and animalistic in this work. He works his way into every humans primal instincts tapping into our most naked being. Stripping away our 21st century façade and leaving nothing but our bare beginnings.

Darko Tresnjak (Director)
A visionary.  Artistic Director of Hartford Stage (Hartford, CT) and Director of Broadway show “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” Tresnjak constructs work with fine detail. Having worked with him personally he cares for every element of his work as if it were his baby. He creates a collaborative environment with set designers, lighting directors, actors, and dancers to create these masterful elaborate plays. If anyone were to bring back the glory of the Arts from the Resonances my money would be on this man.

Pilobolus (Dance Theater Company)
Never over looked and never under estimated Pibolous is a true inspiration to me, consistently collaborating, stretching boundaries, and expanding their capacity to find new ways for the body to move. They create not dancers but creatures.

Loni Landon
This woman has changed the way I have preserve art. Every bit of her work is based off something every action every detail comes with a concept an underlying idea, a focus. She constructs and deconstructs movement through thought. Not even the smallest movement is made without intention. That focus, dedication, and intelligence marks in my mind a brilliant artist.

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