Thursday, June 24, 2010

Leigh, dancer and intern at Peridance, shares her Peridance Experience!

Almost exactly four years ago, I was taking my second trip to New York for a dance science internship. It would last all summer, which meant I'd planned to be doing a lot of dancing! My previous visit had only been for one day with no time for even a single class. Thus, I needed insider information on where to go for the best New York dance experience. It appeared that most of the large dance institutions had been in existence for several decades, so I asked one of my former dance teachers, who was a professional dancer here in the early- and mid-eighties, what her recommendations were from her time in the City. Other than a few prolific instructors who have been teaching dance since the eighties and are legendary for it now, her one recommendation was Peridance. Peridance was always her favorite. She cited the excellent faculty and selection of classes, and she was particularly pleased with how non-competitive and nurturing the atmosphere was in spite of the high caliber of dancers. So, I tried it out, and she was right. In fact, it's amazing that now, almost thirty years later, Peridance still exhibits these same qualities, and more, to make it an exceptional place to be. I continued to come to Peridance to satisfy my dancerly whims each summer through grad school, and, when I moved out to New York last fall, I quickly made Peridance my home as well.
I've been extremely fortunate to serve as a work-study and, now, as an administrative intern at Peridance. I've also been asked to work with a faculty member's company after being seen in classes and workshops. Amazing things happen every day here both on and off the dance floor, and I am so excited that I am a part of it.

Leigh Schanfein, M.S., Professional Dancer.

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An inspiring and informative article! She looks lovely---are those photos from the studio? If so it looks like a really nice space. Love the opportunities the studio has given her --