Friday, July 27, 2012

Peridance Contemporary Dance Company in Union Square

“It’s hot,” is the first thing out of Kentaro Kikuchi’s mouth once he has finished performing for Union Square’s Summer in the Square event. This is stating the obvious – the stage is burning to the touch and sweat coats performers and audience alike – but it cannot not be left unsaid. It is really, really, hot. But the show goes on.


Peridance Contemporary Dance Company performed work by Kristin Sudeikis, Sidra Bell and Igal Perry last night for the audience gathered in Union Square.  Judging from the quickly growing number passerby who stopped to watch, the contemporary company appeals to a wide array of people.

“The last show was really well received,” says Union in the Square event worker Jennifer Terry of PCDC's previous performance in Union Square on July 12th. “People were asking when Peridance was coming back” she says.

The show begins with Kristin SudeikisI am you. Madison McPhail is onstage alone, but the whole company is already performing as they stand to the side of the stage, their focus on Madison. Throughout the 40 minute show the dancers are present whether onstage or not, and their commitment to one other is evident; Kentaro and Midori Nonaka are in perfect unison in Sidra Bell's The Ungathered.  Nikki Holck and Kentaro partner with a solid trust that results in swirling turns and lifts. Leigh Lijoi and Zach Thomas exchange private glances in Igal Perry’s El Amor Brujo and the audience gets to feel like they are a part of the duet.

The sweat flies off of the dancers bodies like projectiles now. It’s not getting any cooler and the sun isn’t setting fast enough. But if the PCDC dancers are getting tired, it doesn’t show. And the audience just keeps growing.

Sidra Bell’s The Ungathered is all reaches and balances, a dance that yearns to extend beyond the physical limits. But those limits that the dancers do reach are extreme and exciting. Timothy Emmett Lee Ward balances in posse for so long, it is like he does not believe in falling. Developpe’s a la seconde seem to aim for the sky. The strength necessary for such movement is countered by the graceful, performances of PCDC.

The dancers are naturally emotive, and they shift quickly between choreography that is hard and fast or slow, almost animalistic. Like yesterday’s rapidly changing weather (some later events had to be cancelled due to incoming storms) Peridance Contemporary Dance Company is able to perform highly dynamic work.

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