Friday, June 13, 2014

Emily Bufferd, producer and brilliant mind behind the annual Young Choreographer's Festival, is about to present her fifth YCF program this weekend.  And she couldn't be more excited.

...And neither could we!  Peridance Contemporary Dance Company's Yesid Lopez and Eila Valls, an absolutely stunning duo, will be performing Igal Perry's "Twilight" on Saturday night at the Young Choreographer's Festival as a Guest Artist.  It'll be PCDC's and Igal Perry's first appearance in the festival.

 Yesid Lopez & Eila Valls | "Twilight"

Each year, Emily receives applications from an extremely talented and diverse group of young, up-and-coming choreographers.  She says that between 2010 and now, the number of applicants has more than doubled.  Emily also invites a number of Guest Artists (established choreographers and their dance companies) to present work alongside these inspiring young choreographers, which gives all of the artists involved, despite their place in the dance world, an opportunity to share a special evening in a beautiful space.

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It is the merging of all of these choreographers that is truly magical about this annual evening.  PCDC is proud to be a part of it.  Emily responds when thinking about the most rewarding part of the festival: "I think seeing these talented young artists be presented is the most rewarding.  Sometimes young choreographers apply for shows and festivals, and while their work might be outstanding, they get overlooked because they don't have the best work sample or press kit... sometimes it's hard for a presenter to see just the work at face value.  Also, [it's rewarding to see] them go on to bigger and better things... to see one of the choreographers who has come through YCF book a commission or a great show, and to feel like maybe we had a small part in helping them get there."

So... YOUNG CHOREOGRAPHERS of the dance world!  Check out this amazing show tomorrow night, June 14th at 8:00pm at Symphony Space, NYC.  You'll see PCDC's Yesid and Eila perform as well as a great line-up of other talented choreographers.  Oh, and don't forget to apply for next year!

>> Tickets here: Symphony Space, NYC

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