Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wednesday's Who we are Into!

I have been starting to notice in life I am always wishing I was anywhere but where I currently am. I am forgetting to look around me and absorbe the moment that I am living in, so this Wednesday I want to shoot out to all the AMAZING dancers, students, and faculty here in our very own Peridance Capezio Center.

The list is endless of the amount of inspiring working artist that are here, but I will just take a minute to talk about a few!

Gregory Dolbashian (contemporary teacher):
Mr. Dolbashian works with his classes in sculpting individuals, making dancers not only artist but people. He speaks about practicing your art not your technique to be alive and present in your work and as you work. He gives value and meaning to the process of exploration and creating which is such a vulnerable spot of being an artist.
Make sure to check out his company who is performing this weekend!

Gary Kachikyan (pianist):
Mr. Kachinkyan is a pianist at Peridance providing the most base and ground work of ballet class, the rhythm. Mr. Kachinkyan works with the dancers breathing with them adding texture, strength, and grace behind each combination. His attention to detail in the exercise given allows the bodies movement to surrounded in an allure of sweet sweet music.

Natalie Ortiz (dancer):
Just last week I got to experience Ms Ortiz as a subsitute teacher. I have often spotted her taking class and even experienced her performances with Oui Danse, but as a teacher I found her voice. Completely humble she speaks of the realness of being a dancer expressing life in a way words fall short. Not only is this woman incredibly strong and talented she lives and breathes the passion of dance.

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