Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Take A Chance and Press Play

 By: Jillian Greenberg

At almost any point of the day I can be found with my headphones on, immersed in a world of sound. I mentally depart from New York City and submerge myself in the melody unfolding before my eyes and ears. Sounds from famous jazz artist, Chet Baker; pop artist, Justin Timberlake, Beyoncé; electronic artist, Ta-ku; and various indie artists dominate my iPod. Then one day, things took a turn. I stumbled across rap artist Kendrick Lamar and Blue Scholars. It had been ages since I last plunged into the rap world, but I took a chance and pressed play.
Voluminous sounds of jazz bands and hard bass drums echoed. The sound waves crumbled skyscrapers to the ground, and trembled the sidewalk under my feet. A clear crisp voice fluttered across this expansive music, like an endless ribbon weaving around my brain.

I was in awe by their intelligent phrasing, choice of words, ease, fluidity, speed, and passion. The music supported the strength in their words; with all their speed and clarity I found myself having to rewind just to hear the message. They are rule breakers. They rap about things not usually spoken of, picking crude topics that are taboo.

This is the way I want to dance, the way these rappers rap.

When I came to this realization I was a little surprised, only because I myself am not a hip-hop dancer. But to be able to move clearly, efficiently, speedy, passionately, and with fluidity is the dream. To be able to glide across the ground like the words of Kendrick Lamar or Blue Scholars. To be able to puncture space, like they do with their words. To be able to use my art to be a little taboo, stretch boundaries, and bring awareness to controversies. This is what I want to do with my art. I want to have all the “swag" of a rapper in my back pocket so I can shake the sidewalk and make the buildings crumble in someone’s world.   

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