Thursday, April 11, 2013

Hey Anabella! What's Up?

Anabella Lenzu/DanceDrama writes "The very worst costume I ever wore was that of a cockroach...

"In New York, I spent part of one summer dancing for Alice Farley Dance Theater. One of our first events was at a fancy hotel at a party for the Mayor of New York City...I put on my costume and I took my place. My creative costume was a real challenge because my bottom was the head of the insect, and my head was its bottom. My hands were its legs, and my legs were its pincers. Everything was backwards, and my torso and thighs were attached to a skate board. I used a dust-blocking face mask because the floor was 2 centimeters from my nose. I remember seeing very elegant shoes and well-groomed legs and ankles, and I saw people drop food on the floor. That’s how I, flamboyant Argentine choreographer, came to be a cockroach on the floor of a high-end hotel, crawling among the politicians."

This excerpt is from Anabella's recently published book, "Unveiling Motion and Emotion."

 Have you had a similar experience? Because who hasn't dressed up like a cockroach at some point?

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