Friday, September 28, 2012

You can review Peridance Contemporary Dance Company too!

Did you know that your thoughts about a dance performance can be published online and reach hundreds of dancers instantly? The Dance Enthusiast is a blog with an ever-expanding audience reach. Here, professional writers post reviews on performances throughout NY, big and small. For those they don't cover, anyone can send in a review of a show they saw as well.

Last night, the Dance Enthusiast celebrated their 5th birthday with a gathering of supporters, writers and dancers. The blog employs 8 dance critics who write for the site officially. There is also an amazing, diplomatic 'audience reviews' section publishes the everyday dance viewer with as much respect and confidence as they do their staff.

The event was small, with maybe 50 people in attendance, but it felt like an important moment in the Dance Enthusiast's career. A moment when they urged the dance audience to join in the conversation as a dance critic. Writer and dance critic Eva Yaa Asantewaa, of InfiniteBody, was there. Dancers, and husbands of dancers, and friends of people who kind of knew dance but knew they loved the idea of dance, were there. Conversations between the dance history buffs and dance novices have the potential to be lively and illuminating, and this blog presents a public forum to watch the discussions develop.

Congratulations to The Dance Enthusiast for this wonderful anniversary! Peridance Contemporary Dance Company can't wait to be reviewed by one of your amazing staff in the future. Or, in lieu of an official review, we just might write one for your blog ourselves.

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