Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Peridance Capezio Center is pleased to welcome
NEW Faculty Members!

 Ms. Vee, Princess Lockeroo,
and Tavia & Tamara 

Open Level, Fridays 5:30-7:00PM 

Who is Princess Lockeroo?
Born and raised in New York City,Princess Lockerooo (Samara Cohen) is a multi-faceted performance artist, with talents ranging from, choreography, directing, costume design & artistic makeup to opera singing & circus arts. With a background and education in musical theater, Princess Lockerooo puts a theatrical twist on urban dance. She has made a name for herself in the NYC & International dance community as a performer, teacher, choreographer and International Champion. Princess Lockerooo is a Waacking specialist and an innovator in the style. She has developed and become known for her original style of waacking “propeller” Waacking which she showcased on SYTYCD. Most recently Lockerooo performed in the “Dance for Madonna” Smirnof Nightlif Exchange project, and BILLBOARD LIVE in Osaka and Tokyo with Jody Watley. Princess Lockerooo is head of the NYC chapter of The Imperial House of Waacking (IHOW,) founded by Tyrone Procter (Legendary Soul Train Dancer/Choreographer.) Princess Lockerooo has also performed at Carnegie Hall with Hugh Masekela , Lincoln Center & the Apollo Theater. Her T.V. credits include Americas Got Talent & “So you think you can Dance?” 

What is Waacking exactly?
Waacking, the most expressive & rhythmic dance of the 70’s Disco era, makes its way back into the spotlight.
International Waacking Champion Princess Lockerooo brings you a new kind of Waacking class that focuses on the freestyle aspect of the dance and the development of the individual dancer. This class will teach the tools and technique of interpreting the music, anticipating sounds, and being the living embodiment of music. This class provides the opportunity for all dancers to strengthen their rhythm, power, precision and presence. Waacking teaches dancers how to connect with their character, portray emotions and personalities through their movement. Using theatrical techniques you will learn to make your dancing more entertaining and you will become more than just a better dancer… a great performer. Discover how to connect with an audience by honestly emotionally responding to the music. It is about personal expression, emotion and communication through dance. 
Hip Hop
Open Level, Tuesdays 6:00-7:30PM
Open Level, Thursdays 6:00-7:30PM
Who is Ms. Vee? 
Val Ho, also known as “Ms. Vee,” is a multi-faceted dancer and performer whose movement background includes Hip-Hop (Freestyle, Breaking, Popping, Locking), House, Chinese Dance, Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Modern, Swing, Salsa, Chinese Martial Arts (Wushu), Capoeira, and Yoga. Specializing in street dance and Hip-Hop culture, Vee has studied with such greats as Mr. Wiggles, Popin Pete, Skeeter Rabbit, Greg Campbellock Jr., and Buddha Stretch to name a few. Film credits: Step Up 3D, College Road Trip and Deep Rising. Off Broadway: Mop Tops 20th Anniversary Reunion, Groovaloo: Freestyle, Rennie Harris’ Legends of Hip Hop (US & International Tour). Ms Vee has been on the BDC Faculty since 2004, and travels throughout the US & the world teaching Master classes.


Who are Tavia & Tamara?
Advanced Beginner Dancehall
Mondays & Wednesdays, 5:30-7:00PM
Tavia and Tamara have been working in the entertainment industry for several years. They have had the opportunity to work with artists such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Missy Elliot, Diddy, Whitney Houston,Lady Gaga, Alicia Keys, Jennifer Lopez, and many more. They have also toured over 80 countries with platinum artist Sean Paul. You have seen them in all of his major music videos including We Be Burnin, Temperature, Like Glue, Everblazin, Press It Up and Give It Up To Me. Tavia and Tamara have been teaching dance classes throughout the world and at conventions such as The Pulse and Monsters Of Hip Hop.
Tamara Marrow was born and raised in Long Island New York. Her mother put her in dance at the young age of 4, and almost immediately knew this is what she loved. Her career began when she started choreographing and dancing for thousands of fans of the New York Knicks at Madison Square as a Knicks City Dancer. Tamara has done several music videos, international and national tours, award shows, and feature films. She has danced with artist such as Missy Elliot, P Diddy, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Tweet, Ludacris, Pharell and Gwen Stephani just to name a few.

Autavia Bailey started dancing at a young age but decided to pursue a professional career when she moved to New York. There she studied street jazz, hip-hop, jazz, ballet, house and many other styles of dance. Soon after she began going to auditions where she landed the opportunity to perform with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Eve, Missy Elliot and many others. Along with performing, touring and music videos, Autavia has also been cast in numerous movies and commercials including Idlewild, Step up 3, Coca-Cola, Burger King and many more.                                                             
Come on and bust a move, or learn a fresh step or two
 at Peridance Capezio Center this summer!

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