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Peridance Capezio Center's Certificate Program

The Certificate Program

Peridance Capezio Center has a new training program this fall. The Certificate Program is a two-year intensive dance training program for students ages 17-28. It offers students wonderful opportunities including working closely with great instructors and choreographers, bi-yearly performances, and one-on-one mentoring. Students can choose between two unique tracks depending on their professional goals: Ballet/Modern/Contemporary or Commercial/Musical Theater/Jazz.

Program Coordinator Liza Kovacs describes the Certificate Program:

It was with great excitement that Peridance launched the Certificate Program this past August. We were delighted to welcome 16 students from all over the world to join the Peridance family and become the first graduating class of this program.

Since the start of the 2010 Fall semester our CP students have had a wide range of rich and diverse experiences. They have just ended their second weeklong workshop with Helen Pickett, leading them in an exploration of Forsythe-based improvisation technique. It is great to see their progress and deeper understanding of the work since the first workshop. Students who previously approached improvisation with trepidation have shed their inhibitions; students who are particularly interested in choreography are learning a great deal from these enriching experiences and adding to their repertoire of creative choreographic strategies.

Besides the technique classes that are the mainstay of any dancer’s training, the Certificate Program students have benefited from the guest seminar speakers. Anatomist/biochemist Rebecca Dietzel, co-author of A Dancer's Guide to Healthy Eating, gave our students the basics on when and what to eat to maximize physical and mental performance. We hope that she will return to continue sharing her vast knowledge on this hot topic.

We also had the privilege of establishing a relationship with Lakey Wolff, agent extraordinaire, from the talent agency Cunningham Escott Slevin Doherty (CESD); she came to speak about how to best create contacts and build networks and she will return to continue the conversation and help set-up mock auditions.

In the Certificate Program we take time to analyze each dancers’ individual movement patterns, habits, and technique through the use of video: classes were filmed and our students viewed these with the outside eye of and feedback from an expert teacher. This allowed for important exchange on the specifics of dance performance and resulted on improved performance in the studio.

Certificate Students from both the Commercial and the Ballet/Contemporary Track have combined classes such as Improvisation and Composition. They will present works for the Student Showcase next February and we are excited to host their efforts and give them an opportunity to perform and choreograph. In the last month, they have been part of the creative choreographic process in the creation of Igal Perry's Nutcracker, which they will be performing next month.

The Peridance Certificate Program students were also given an exclusive tour of the Library of Performing Arts, learning how to best research dance-specific videos, books, and to look up information. It is very important to us that our students know that such an incredible resource is available to them, to enrich their knowledge of their art form.

The Peridance Certificate Program distinguishes itself through the recognition of students as individuals, each with unique needs, goals, and abilities. Their personalized training is a reflection of this diversity, all the while maintaining and upholding fundamental qualities that are required for a career in dance: discipline, intelligence, dedication, and passion for movement.

-Liza Kovacs,

Certificate Program Coordinator

Who better to consult on the success of the program so far than the students themselves? I interviewed a few of them, asking why they chose Peridance and how they feel it is going so far. This is what they had to say:

“When I read the description, the program sounded like everything I wanted in a training program. When I came it was everything I wanted and more.” –Cara

“I like how our teachers interact with us, they know us by name and they actually give individual corrections.” –Jessica

“We train with the same teacher for a semester, so we get to know them and they get to know us, which allows us to really trace our progress.” –Ayako

“I really like that we can go to Liza and talk to her about anything, even if its not dance related. It makes being in a program away from home a lot easier. Also, the atmosphere is great; when you feel good about where you are, you can dance ten times better!” –Jessica

To register for the Program, visit our website.

Spring 2011 Semester: January 31st - June 24th

(20 weeks of study + 1 week vacation)

Application deadline: November 31st!!

Fall 2011 Semester: August 29th - January 27th

(20 weeks of study + 2 weeks vacation during the Holiday Season)

Application deadline: August 1st

Watch the Certificate Program Students!

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