Thursday, August 5, 2010

International Student Program

Interviews from current students!

Peridance is home to many styles of dance and many students from around the world who take them! Our students are from countries on almost every continent—Brazil, the United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Greece, Italy and more! From locals across the street to those across the globe, Peridance Capezio Center unites dancers looking for professional training.

The International Student Program at Peridance offers students the opportunity to work with renowned faculty and artists through several programs—the Open Program, the Limon Program (through the Limon Institute),the GYROTONIC® Teacher-Training program, and the new Certificate Program. International students spend from one year, but many stay for longer, preparing themselves to enter the professional dance world. True to Peridance’s individualized education, students participating receive professional guidance and make strong connections, further aiding them in their professional endeavors.

Five students: Yoshiko Furuse, Licia Calcagno, Noemi Digregorio, Angeliki Karamina, and Ly Hoang, all currently participating in the ISP program, gladly donated their time to share their experience. Each has a different dance background and goals, yet across the board they agree Peridance is getting them closer to becoming professionals. The training here is a jewel in the crown of New York dance schools. The professional quality, yet individualized attention draws students like these five, and hundreds of others to Peridance Capezio Center.

What is your dance background?
YF I started ballet training when I was four until I was fifteen, when I stopped intense training. I came to the U.S. to attend college. I still had feelings toward dance. I enrolled as a dance minor. Professors really inspired me to pursue a dance career again… and so here I am.
LC I am advanced level in ballet—I did it for ten years. I never did modern, but now I take Limon.
ND I did three years of training at a dance academy in Switzerland. Before that I was an ice skater.
AK I started dancing when I was very young—4 years old. I started studying classical ballet and later modern, Limon, flamenco and jazz. I graduated from the Ministry of Culture’s Department of Dance Teachers and from a Professional Ballet School in Greece, with a license to teach.
LH My background is not in dancing. During 3 years that I studied in London, I did Ballroom dancing as a hobby. During this time, I realized that dancing is truly my passion.

Why did you come to New York, and most especially why did you chose Peridance for your dance studies?
FY I wanted practical training and people who have passion for art come to New York. I came to Peridance to take a class. I really loved the atmosphere and people here. Peridance has a homey atmosphere. Also, they have various classes and I really wanted to challenge myself.
ND I wanted to do the Limon program and Peridance is the only one that offers this. There are also a lot of very nice workshops; my first was with Betty Jones. I feel so honored to have learned from a former company member!
AK I came to New York to further my studies in dance, and to focus on a dance related program that is not yet widespread in Europe, and Greece in particular. I chose Peridance, it offered a variety of dance programs, in conjunction with Gyrokinesis® which is my program of focus.

Is there anything new that you discovered in your technique; details to focus on? (For example use of hands, footwork)?
YF I am working on my gaze. My face is really dead while I am taking a class. One of my teachers told students that, "you are not just taking a class, but you are also dancing." I need to express something. On stage, each audience member might get a different feeling from the piece, but the important point is that I make them think. I don’t want to just move my body, but I actually want to dance from my heart.
LC The relationship with my body. I take care of what my body wants and I am more aware of it, even when pushing it. I was also introduced to Limon. I had only done ballet so it was all high legs and pointes. It was so different and a big shock—the first class was a mess. I learned to let it go and now I am working on being advanced in both.
AK Besides the support that the school provides, the ability to study in this vast variety of dance classes, allows you to learn new things and broaden your dance horizons. In modern dance I learned how to improve my breathing. In classical dance; [teachers] pay attention to what I am doing in class and correct even minor details in a supporting manner. In Limon Technique, due to my background in classical dance, I had some difficulty using my head correctly during fall, extensions and recoveries. However, the methodology Mr. Danielson [head of Limon Program] followed in class, using gradual difficulty levels in each exercise, helped me build this part of my technique by adding small parts each time. His comments and feedback helped me understand the concepts behind this and improve a great deal.
LH I've discovered a lot in technique: the use of hands related to the back, suspension, and the use of the feet in relation to the floor. The thing I love the most, is in whatever kind of dance I'm doing, techniques are very inter-related to each other.

Will you be extending participation in your training here?
YF I just started my second year here. I decided to extend my stay because I was using my time productively and having exciting experiences. Also, Peridance just moved to the new space—which you must experience. You will feel so amazing if you take a class here. I am interested in the Certificate Program. I have a passion for dance, but I still need to improve my skill. I believe the program gives students a great opportunity to improve technique and also artistry.
LC I am extending another year, I want to be a dancer and I need more training. At Peridance you begin to make connections and gain more opportunities.
ND I feel I am not done yet with New York. 9 months passed fast. I need to work with my connections. I am already choreographing and dancing in a small company, which I found through Peridance.

Anything Else?
YF I am fortunate to be here. I really appreciate the people who support me and give me such wonderful opportunity. Thank you!!
ND I am happy to be here at Peridance everyday, and meet new people in this nice building!
AK Peridance is really good with international students. All my paperwork was ready on time before I started my studies, and whatever needs I had, have been promptly met. Mrs. Naoko, who is responsible for international students, is very pleasant and helpful and guided me on both my studies in general but also in regards with studying in the Gyrokinesis Program. She has made my studies in the US and Peridance an easy and pleasant journey.

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