Friday, July 10, 2009

BAILA Society (BASo) instructs NY Salsa at Peridance Center

BAILA Society (BASo) instructs NY Salsa at Peridance Center every Friday and Saturday. Teaching absolute beginners and professional dancers!!

NEW promotions* for Salsa classes at Peridance Center -
Expires August 31st
New students special! Take a Salsa class at Peridance and receive your first class for $10!!
Introduce a friend to Salsa: Bring a friend for their first Salsa class at Peridance and receive your salsa class for $10! Peridance Student and friend must both be present to receive discount.
*promotions cannot be combined

Baila Society Classes at Peridance:

Fridays, 7p - 9p Performance and Spinning technique All levels
This class is offered for both men and women. Training exercises used in every class will utilize fundamental dance techniques from ballet, jazz, ballroom, hip hop and salsa in order to present a clear and effective process for achieving total body control. The class covers variations in head, arm, and body movement that can be used to enhance simple salsa footwork. Isolation exercises and training routines will be drawn from other dance disciplines to encourage flexibility, body control, and rhythm.

Saturdays, 3:30p - 5:30p New York Salsa for Beginners
This course is an introduction to "New York" style salsa for both members and non-members of BAILA Society (no partner required). Students will learn the fundamental footwork and partnerwork figures of salsa social dancing. Students will progressively build on these basics to form figure combinations that can be improvised on the dance floor.

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